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Everyone warned him about the gorilla he brought up—When they meet after 5 years, it’s too emotional to hold back the tears


The Aspinall Foundation, headed by Damian Aspinall, has dedicated itself to reintroducing captive gorillas into their natural habitats. In the past decade, Aspinall has overseen the successful return of numerous gorillas to the wild.

Among these primates, one gorilla named Kwibi established a special bond with Damian. Kwibi was nurtured by Damian until he was 5 years old, at which point he was set free into the jungle. It was widely believed that the two would never cross paths again.

However, half a decade later, Damian decided to reconnect with his primate companion, despite warnings from others. The general perception was that Kwibi would have become acclimatized to his wild surroundings, potentially behaving aggressively towards anyone who tried to approach him. Against this backdrop, Damian embarked on a quest to seek his long-lost friend, prepared for all possible outcomes.

A video clip chronicles the extraordinary meeting between Damian and Kwibi after five years of separation. The footage, which quickly captures the viewers’ hearts, reveals an incredible encounter. Contrary to what was expected, Kwibi didn’t react aggressively. Within moments of their reunion, viewers can feel a palpable sense of warmth emanating from the incredible bond the two friends share.

The heartwarming reunion between Damian and Kwibi serves as a testament to their special bond. The unexpected, gentle interaction between man and gorilla is a powerful illustration of the connection humans can share with animals. This video offers an inspiring story of friendship that transcends species, reaffirming the important work done by the Aspinall Foundation.