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Heather Rae and Tarek El Moussa shares the sweet inspiration behind their son’s name


Heather Rae El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa have announced the name of their newborn son, Tristan Jay El Moussa.

The couple chose the name to honor both of their families, as Tarek was originally meant to be named Tristan and Heather’s father’s middle name is Jay. The couple welcomed their first child together two weeks ago.

“Tarek was supposed to be named Tristan, and his parents ended up naming him Tarek. And then my dad’s middle name is Jay. So it’s four generations of the middle name Jay.”

Heather from the show Selling Sunset, shared some details about her baby’s birth. Her baby, Tristan, was supposed to be born on January 27th but was born a few days later than that. Heather and her partner went to see her doctor on January 30th for her last check-up, but they were told that they had to go to the hospital right away.

“That was just an appointment. And we did a stress test. I’m 35 years old, so we had done a stress test on him almost every time I went for the last few weeks. And at that point, he wasn’t moving as much as he usually did.”

“Tarek and I were like, ‘Wait, what do you mean right now?’ And I said, ‘Can I go home and grab my hospital bag that I’ve been prepping for months now and can I go home and wash my hair?’ Like, I hadn’t washed my hair in four days ’cause I didn’t think I was gonna be going to the hospital after this appointment. And she said, ‘No, you can’t. You need to get monitored.’”

Heather had scar tissue from a past biopsy, which made it hard for her water to break. To start the labor process, she was given a medication called Cytotec, which helped to soften her cervix. The medication was only given in the half-a-pill form.

After a few hours Heather was told it was time to push, but unfortunately, each time she did, the baby’s heart rate decreased. This prompted her doctor to make a quick decision to deliver the baby.

Despite the challenges, the new mom pushed hard and finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy on January 31st. It was an overwhelming and surreal experience for her, but she was overjoyed to welcome her little one into the world.

Congratulations to Heather and Tarek for their new addition!