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I decided not to give my ex-wife money for food for her and our kids after learning about her real intentions


A father recently shared his story on Reddit, explaining a difficult situation with his ex-wife. They divorced when their children were young, and initially, they shared custody equally. However, things changed when his ex-wife remarried, and he stopped providing spousal support. Now, their children are 15 and 12 years old.

The story took a surprising turn when the man’s ex-wife called him, asking for help. She told him that she had run out of money and couldn’t provide food for herself and their kids. Concerned for his children, the man considered her request and decided to help. He discussed the situation with his current girlfriend and came up with a plan.


He filled a freezer with elk, venison, wild hog, and a pantry with beef, pork, and chicken. He also gathered canned vegetables, fresh garden produce, and unopened bags of pasta and rice. He called his ex-wife and offered her the food. However, she refused the groceries and asked for cash instead, saying she preferred to order food herself.

The man stood firm, insisting that he had brought enough food to last two weeks and that giving her cash for takeout was not an option. His ex-wife got angry and accused him of giving her “scraps” and trying to force her into the role of a “housewife” while neglecting their kids’ needs.


Despite the criticism, the father remained focused on his children’s well-being. He contacted them and assured them that he would take care of any hunger concerns. They told him that food was available; it just needed to be prepared. His older son, who enjoys cooking, was particularly interested in the elk and hog roasts.

Some family members thought he should have given her the money, but many online commenters supported his decision. One person wrote, “Definitely NTA- there’s no reason to be giving her money. She asked for help with food you were readily willing to give her some of your food! But she doesn’t want/need help with food,”


Another commenter added, “You used the same approach I use with panhandlers. I will buy food for them and give them the food, but I will not give them money. And it’s quite disappointing how few people will let me buy them a sandwich or a meal when they want money.”

A third person was puzzled by the ex-wife’s reaction, saying, “I’m confused on why she thinks preparing food for her kids is being manipulated into being a housewife… it’s called being a normal parent. Clearly, she’s nobody’s housewife anyways.”


The father’s story has sparked a lot of discussion about the best way to help in such situations. What are your thoughts? Please share this story with your family and friends on Facebook.