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Meet 10-year-old Tessa Evans who was born without a nose and check out her new look — she’s loving it


On February 14th, 2013, a little girl named Tessa Evans came into the world in a town called Maghera in Ireland, and her story is as unique as it is heartwarming.

Tessa is a very special girl – she was born without a nose, a condition known as Bosma arhinia microphthalmia syndrome (BAMS). This is so rare that Tessa is one of less than 100 known cases in the world.

Despite her unique condition, Tessa is a beacon of happiness and bravery, overflowing with a charming spirit that wins hearts wherever she goes. Her mother admires her for her bubbly personality and unbeatable bravery.

Tessa’s journey hasn’t been an easy one. Her parents, Grainne and Nathan Evans, were completely surprised when Tessa arrived. They were expecting a baby with all the usual features, but Tessa was different. She didn’t have a nose. Yet, this hasn’t stopped Tessa from living life to the fullest. She can do most things other kids can, including getting the sniffles now and then!

When Tessa was just a wee two years old, she did something extraordinary. She had a special surgery to fit a nasal implant. This made her the youngest person ever to receive such a procedure, which usually waits until teenage years when the face is fully grown. Her parents made this hard choice with hope and love, wanting to spare her from more difficult surgeries later on.

The plan is to continue adjusting the implant as Tessa grows, and when she’s a teenager, they’ll finish the masterpiece with a bit of medical artistry. They’ll even add details to make it look even more like a real nose, complete with shading and contours.

Recovery from these procedures has been tough at times, not just for Tessa but for her family too. Grainne, Tessa’s mom, and a mother to two others, found it incredibly tough to be away from her girl during her hospital stays, even if it was just overnight.

Fast forward to today, Tessa, a decade into her life, is an absolute delight. A couple of years ago, she shared that she can’t wait to have her new nose fully finished. Her positivity shines bright, as she sees the silver lining in not being able to smell – no bad odors for her!


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Tessa’s spark and courage light up her family’s life every single day. When she got a glimpse of her new nose for the first time, her smile was as bright as the sun, and she shared a sweet moment with her mom, telling her how much she loved it.

This young lady has become an inspiration to many, with folks following her story on her Facebook page, “Tessa; Born Extraordinary.” They leave messages celebrating her beauty, her spirit, and her joy. Tessa teaches us that being different doesn’t dim your shine; it makes you extraordinary.

Tessa’s tale is one to share far and wide, reminding us all of the beauty in uniqueness and the power of an indomitable spirit. She’s not just a girl without a nose; she’s a symbol of hope, resilience, and the pure joy of being yourself, no matter what.