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Sad puppy taken away from cow that brought him up—camera captures touching moment when they reunite


Real friendship can be found in unexpected places, even among animals. Sometimes, animals that we think would not get along because of their natural instincts, actually become good friends. There are many stories of surprising friendships between different kinds of animals like dogs making friends with raccoons, or even bears and wolves becoming pals.

One story that is very touching is about a dog named Rookie and a big, brown cow that belonged to Rookie’s family. This story shows how deep and special the bond between animals can be, even when they are very different from each other.

YouTube/ Kritter Klub

When Rookie the dog joined his new family, he quickly grew close to the people who took care of him. But, there was someone else who became even more special to Rookie – the family’s cow. It was surprising for people to see how the dog and the cow became such good friends. The cow acted like a mom to Rookie. She would often be seen cleaning him by licking his fur, snuggling with him, and even letting him sleep against her back.

It was really sad for Rookie when the day came that the cow had to be sold and leave the farm. This was a big loss for him because he had such a close friendship with the cow.

Rookie’s family understood that even though they wanted to keep the cow, they just couldn’t afford it. Rookie was heartbroken when the cow left. Just like people, dogs have feelings and can be sad or upset. When dogs are sad, you can see changes in how they act.

YouTube/ Kritter Klub

Rookie was really sad and missed his friend a lot. He barked and cried, and kept looking around for the cow. He waited in the barn for hours, hoping that maybe his friend would come back. This shows how strong the bond was between Rookie and the cow, and how much they meant to each other.

One day, something amazing happened. Rookie heard a mooing sound from far away. He got really excited and ran out of his yard. He followed the sound all the way to where it was coming from and found his cow friend! She was in a different barn in the village, but close enough that Rookie could hear her. Rookie was so happy to see her!

But Rookie’s owner followed him and told him off, then took him back home. Rookie became sad again because he missed his cow friend and wanted to be with her. He lost his cheerfulness and just lay down in the barn with a sad look in his eyes, as if he was waiting for her to come back. The hardest part for Rookie was knowing where his friend was but not being able to see her.

YouTube/ Kritter Klub

Rookie’s family saw how sad he was and realized that it wasn’t fair to keep him and the cow apart, especially since Rookie was trying so hard to see her. They couldn’t stand seeing Rookie so unhappy. So, even though it might have been hard for them, they decided to bring the cow back to the farm.

When Rookie and the cow saw each other again, it was such a happy moment that a video of their reunion became very popular on the internet. People loved seeing how happy they were together. In addition to bringing the cow back, Rookie’s family also got another dog to make sure that Rookie will always have a friend. It’s really heartwarming to see people who care so much about their animals. Rookie’s family were willing to make sacrifices to make sure these two friends could be together again. They are true animal heroes!

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