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Selfless teacher gives kidney to student—leaves the student’s family overwhelmed with gratitude


Roman McCormick, a teenager, has already experienced a lot of health problems in his short life. He was born with a very uncommon sickness called Bor Syndrome that over time makes his kidneys stop working properly. Now, at the age of 15, he’s in what doctors call “stage 4 kidney failure”, meaning his kidneys are really struggling.

Needing help fast, Roman and his family went on TV and asked people in their area to check if they might be a good match to donate a kidney to Roman. They weren’t sure if anyone would be able to help, but it turned out someone who knew Roman was watching the TV that night. That person decided right away they wanted to get tested to see if they could help Roman.

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Eddie McCarthy, who taught Roman geometry at Whitmer High School in Toledo, Ohio last year, recognized him straight away from the TV. Eddie, who is also a dad, felt a strong urge to help Roman and his family. He thought about how he would feel if he was in their situation.

The very next day, Eddie went to get tested to see if he could donate his kidney to Roman. He didn’t want to think too much about it because he was scared he might change his mind. After five months of waiting, the test results came back – and it was great news! Eddie was a perfect match for Roman. He felt like it was meant to be.

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The only thing left was to share the wonderful news with Roman’s family. Eddie personally called Roman’s mom, Jamie Redd, to tell her he could donate his kidney. Jamie was extremely happy. She said it felt like a big prayer was answered. She was also glad that the person helping Roman was someone who knew him, understood what he was going through, and knew how much he deserved this.

Roman’s dad, Dan McCormick, was equally thankful. He was really happy that the person giving a new kidney to his son was someone who knew Roman well.

Roman’s dad couldn’t believe that someone who knew Roman so well was a perfect match for the kidney donation. He felt amazed and relieved. He also mentioned feeling a bit guilty because Roman got the sickness from him. But knowing that there was someone who could help his son meant the world to him.

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Everyone – Eddie, Roman’s mom and dad – is hopeful that the new kidney will make Roman healthier and give him a new chance at life. Roman’s sickness has made him very tired over the years and he couldn’t do the things he loved, like playing soccer and hanging out with friends. They all hope that he’ll be able to go back to doing those things. Roman’s mom Jamie said she hopes the operation will give her son “his teenage years back”.

Jamie said that no matter how much she thanks Eddie for his generous gift, it would never be enough for the huge thing he’s doing. Then, on July 19, the news came from Washington Local Schools that both Roman and Eddie had finished their operations and the kidney transplant worked! Everyone is wishing them both good health as they get better. Everyone is grateful to Eddie for doing such a wonderful thing and helping Roman get his life back.

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