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Royal journalist claims that Kate Middleton is experiencing complications after surgery in the hospital


Last week, people everywhere were talking about Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, who is very popular and important in the Royal Family. She had to go to the hospital for an operation on her stomach, and because of this, she won’t be able to do her royal work until after Easter.

People are really concerned about Kate. They think her health might be more serious than what the Royal Family is saying. But the official news from the Royal Family says that the operation was planned and Kate is doing okay.

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We don’t know much about why Kate had to go to the hospital. When it comes to the royal family, sometimes they don’t tell us everything, so people start to worry and wonder.

Last Wednesday, fans of the royal family found out that Kate had this operation at a hospital in London. She will stay there for two weeks. Kensington Palace, where the royal family lives, said on social media: “The Princess of Wales had surgery, and it went well. She will stay in the hospital for 10 to 14 days and then go home to get better. She probably won’t work until after Easter.”

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Kate knows people are interested in her health. She wants to keep things as normal as possible for her kids and keep her medical information private.

Kensington Palace said they will only give updates if there’s big news. Kate is sorry she has to cancel her plans, but she hopes to start doing things again as soon as she can.

After leaving the hospital, Kate will get better at her home in Windsor. She and Prince William moved there in 2022 from their old house in London.

While Kate is getting better, Prince William will also do fewer royal things so he can take care of their three kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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People Magazine said that Kate’s surgery was for something not related to cancer. But some are saying that not everything went smoothly after her operation.

A journalist from Spain, Concha Calleja, says she talked to someone inside the palace who told her that Kate had some problems after her surgery. They said that this is why the palace sent out the statements.

Kate has talked before about not liking hospitals. She stayed in one when she had her son George, and she wanted to go home quickly.

We all hope Kate gets better soon and can go back to her royal duties as quickly as possible.