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Edward James Olmos shares he has throat cancer—revealed he was ‘close to death’


Emmy-winning actor Edward James Olmos, aged 76, recently made a startling revelation about his health. Known for his performances in “Stand and Deliver,” “Miami Vice,” and “Battlestar Galactica,” Olmos disclosed for the first time during the Mando & Friends podcast that he was diagnosed with throat cancer. The actor confessed that this severe disease had nearly cost him his life.

During his conversation with the podcast host, Mando Fresko, Olmos also expressed grief over the loss of his friends to this deadly disease. He said, “A lot of my friends have passed because of this,” emphasizing the gravity of the disease. This is the first instance where Olmos has publicly spoken about his battle with throat cancer.

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Olmos recounted that his journey through the treatment was tough, involving months of grueling chemotherapy and radiation. During this process, his vocal cords were targeted, with doctors unsure of the impact on his voice post-treatment. The cancer had a significant toll on the actor’s health, causing him to lose 55 pounds and a significant amount of muscle strength.

Despite the hardships, Olmos shared some positive news. He completed his chemo and radiation treatments in December and has been steadfastly working on regaining his physical strength ever since. He detailed his rigorous exercise regimen, saying, “I swim a mile a day at least, sometimes two miles a day. Every day, seven days a week. And then I row and I do weights.” Olmos’s determination to bounce back is a testament to his resilience in the face of adversity.

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Emerging from the terrifying ordeal that brought him near death, Olmos shared that the experience has profoundly changed him, granting him a newfound appreciation for life. “It was an experience that changed me, the understanding of how wonderful this life is,” he expressed during the podcast. He acknowledged the closeness to death he experienced during this health crisis, noting how significantly it impacted him.

Throat cancer is undoubtedly a frightening and challenging ordeal. However, it’s heartening to hear that Edward James Olmos has received the necessary treatments and is now on a path towards recovery. His strength and perseverance through such a testing time are truly commendable.