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Michael Strahan stayed by his daughter’s side after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor


Michael Strahan, the well-known host of “Good Morning America,” faced a tough time last year when his daughter, Isabella, was diagnosed with cancer at just 18 years old.

Michael took a break from his hosting duties in October 2023, explaining he needed to attend to family matters. It was later revealed that he spent this time supporting Isabella as she began her fight against cancer.

Credit: YouTube / Isabella Strahan

Isabella’s health concerns started with severe headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Just before her 19th birthday, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She bravely underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

Choosing to keep her struggle private at first, Isabella later decided to share her experience online. She uploaded a video on YouTube showing her hospital journey, including heartwarming moments with her father and twin sister, Sophia, who was a pillar of support as Isabella learned to walk again and went through radiation therapy.


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Opening up about their experience on “Good Morning America,” Michael shared his initial disbelief and the overwhelming need for support. A former NFL player, Michael is no stranger to challenges, but he admitted that facing his daughter’s illness was a different and more difficult battle.

Isabella’s condition, Medulloblastoma, is rare in teenagers. Despite the odds, she shows incredible bravery. Her journey continues as she prepares for chemotherapy.

We wish Isabella and her family all the best in this challenging time.