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Mother poses for photo with huge baby bump—then photographer asks her to turn around


Bringing a new life into the world is a monumental milestone. Jazzy and Rich, awaiting the arrival of their second child, were eager to acquaint themselves with the new family member currently growing inside Jazzy.

The couple, wanting to encapsulate this significant period, decided to arrange a memorable pregnancy photoshoot, hoping to create keepsakes that could be shared with their future generations, as testament to this joyous chapter in their life.

However, their well-intentioned plan didn’t pan out as smoothly as Jazzy had envisioned. The photoshoot, expected to be a perfect remembrance of her pregnancy, didn’t align with the couple’s expectations.

In the lead-up to the photoshoot, Jazzy had meticulously chosen a charming pink dress for herself and a matching one for her young daughter, Reign. Even before stepping in front of the camera, Jazzy made sure to accentuate her glow with carefully applied makeup. Yet, looming over their meticulous preparations was an unexpected worry – the weather.

Jazzy and Rich had spent the days prior to the photoshoot fretting over the torrential rains that threatened to hamper their plans. However, as if in response to their worries, on the day of the photoshoot, the skies cleared, the rain ceased, and the sun found its way out, promising them a perfect day.

The trio embarked on their journey to the selected photoshoot locale, a scenic site graced by a stunning waterfall in the background. Jazzy was under the impression that it was merely the long-awaited photoshoot, oblivious to the fact that Rich had a completely different agenda up his sleeve.

The photoshoot kicked off as anticipated, with the photographer capturing delightful moments of the couple and their daughter. Unexpectedly, the flow was interrupted as the photographer put a pause, asking Jazzy to hold on before proceeding to the next snapshot.

While this unexpected pause ensued, Rich was standing behind Jazzy, subtly reaching into his pocket to pull out a small velvet box he had stowed away, before dropping down to one knee. A video showcasing Jazzy’s response to this unexpected surprise is bound to touch the hearts of many – it’s quite an emotional roller coaster.

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