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Newly married man asks his wife to pass a family treasure to her stepdaughter, not her own child


A woman faced a tough choice when her new husband suggested giving a cherished family heirloom, an emerald necklace, to his daughter instead of hers.

The necklace has been passed down to the eldest child in her family on their 14th birthday, a tradition set to continue with her daughter Emily in January 2024.

Despite knowing this, her husband Joey argued that his daughter Sophia should receive the necklace as a symbol of acceptance into the family.

This proposal shocked the woman, especially since her daughter was looking forward to the tradition. Joey accused her of favoritism when she insisted the heirloom would go to Emily, suggesting she buy another necklace online as a substitute.

Feeling unsupported, Joey escalated the issue by involving his family, who sided with him and accused the woman of being unfair. In response, she sought advice on Reddit, where users overwhelmingly supported her decision to stick with tradition and advised securing the necklace to prevent any potential mishaps.

Reddit commenters emphasized the importance of keeping the heirloom safe and explaining the situation to Emily carefully, ensuring she understands the family’s commitment to preserving their traditions.

Pexels/ Karolina Grabowska

One Reddit user wrote: “You’re not favoring one kid over another. Emily is your kid and the necklace is hers. Your [stepdaughter] is not entitled to anything. I would have told him that his daughter can get the knockoff from Amazon if it’s that important to him.”

“That being said, you need to put the necklace in a safe place like a box in the bank or something because trust me, as soon as Emily has it, it’s going to ‘disappear’ or be broken by ‘accident.’”

Another coomenter agreed, saying: ” It needs to be locked up in a safe place so that neither your [stepdaughter] nor your husband can get their hands on it. I would sit down with Emily and explain why you are doing so and that while you consider it hers, it’s best to keep it safe.”

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