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Woman blocks man after he spends over $500 on their date—you won’t believe her reason


First dates can be really fun or totally terrible; it seems there’s no middle ground! Many people have funny stories about their first dates, but one woman’s story shows just how unexpected these meet-ups can be.

First impressions and safety are super important, especially on first dates. A woman shared on Reddit about her first date at a fancy restaurant where her date paid for everything – from appetizers to dessert. This made her feel uncomfortable and worried, so she decided to block him. Her reasons for doing so are both interesting and puzzling.

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A woman was asked by a guy to go on a date. When he wondered about her favorite restaurant, she told him about a fancy place but said it was too expensive for a first date. Instead, she suggested a more affordable Mexican spot. Even though the fancy restaurant could cost around $500, the guy really wanted to go there. She let him know she usually picks cheaper places for first dates to keep things relaxed, and only visits the pricey one for special times.

On the date, both enjoyed their meal, ordering a bunch of dishes. When it was time to pay, both of them thought about splitting the bill. The woman felt this way because even though he had invited her, he had also chosen the expensive place. She usually prefers to share the cost on first dates so the guy doesn’t feel forced to pay, especially if they’re not feeling a spark.

But, in a twist, the man grabbed her card, saw her last name, and decided to pay for both of them, making a comment about finally knowing her surname. “Oh, now I finally know your last name.”

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The woman felt uneasy about the guy’s move with her card. As a bartender, she knew someone who could remember card numbers quickly, so she worried about her card info’s safety. She also felt like he might’ve been testing her to see if she’d help pay the large bill. She felt this was unfair, especially since she had suggested a cheaper place initially.

After their dinner, she thanked him, blocked his number, and later sent him her part of the bill’s money. She wanted to make it clear that she didn’t push for the fancy dinner and would have been just as content with a more affordable meal.

Online reactions to the woman’s story varied. Many on Reddit backed her choice, saying she should trust her feelings and end a date that feels off. But some thought she might be reading too much into the situation. A few wondered about the guy’s real motives, with one user noting it’s unlikely someone would drop $500 and an evening just to memorize a card number. What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comments!