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Parents advised to let baby ‘go to heaven’ just 15 minutes before birth—then a miracle happened


Having children can be a life-altering choice, as it brings about significant changes in a person’s life. The primary goal for any parent is to ensure their children’s happiness and well-being, but sometimes, life has other plans.

This was the case for Nick Schnarr and his wife, Brooklyn, who faced a terrifying situation seven years ago when they had their third child. The baby boy was gravely ill, causing great concern for the doctors and putting the family through an incredibly challenging time.

Nick shared his family’s emotional journey on Facebook, detailing the challenges they faced during his wife Brooklyn’s pregnancy with their seriously ill baby boy. A few months into the pregnancy, they discovered that their baby had severe hydrocephalus, an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain. They were referred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where top fetal specialists informed them of their baby’s critical condition.

The doctors advised Nick and Brooklyn to brace themselves for the worst-case scenario, as their son’s condition was so severe that they might have to bid him farewell at the very beginning of his life.

The baby’s X-ray images were alarming, with medical experts predicting a 90% chance of the child passing away shortly after birth. In the best-case scenario, the boy would survive but suffer from severe brain damage, requiring constant care throughout his life.

Nick shared the distressing conversations they had with palliative care specialists, discussing the difficult ethical decisions regarding life-sustaining measures and when they might need to stop such interventions, allowing the baby to pass away peacefully. To ensure close monitoring, Brooklyn relocated to Cincinnati, staying at a hotel near the hospital for both her and the baby’s well-being.

Nick described the challenges he faced, commuting between home and the hospital, juggling work and caring for their two daughters, Sophie and Lily. On July 8, 2016, the moment arrived for Brooklyn to give birth. She was moved to the maternity ward, and just 15 minutes before the scheduled cesarean, the doctors spoke to the couple once more.

Nick recounted the conversation they had with the doctors about using a breathing tube and the point at which they might have to remove it, allowing their baby to pass away peacefully.

“We had another meeting with doctors regarding the use of a breathing tube and at what point we might need to remove that tube and let the baby go to heaven,” Nick wrote.

In that moment, something miraculous happened. As the baby was born, the room was filled with the surprising sound of a crying baby. Nick described it as the sweetest sound he had ever heard. After spending some time in intensive care, the baby boy, named Charlie, was allowed to go home with his family.

Remarkably, Charlie appeared to be like any other baby, showing no signs of serious illness. He had a minor defect in one of his heart valves, but it was something that doctors could address relatively easily.

The transformation of Charlie from critically ill to happy and healthy left everyone, including the doctors, puzzled. They couldn’t find an explanation for his remarkable recovery.

Nick mentioned that throughout the last week, he had heard the phrases “divine intervention” and “miracle” numerous times. Nurses with decades of experience, as well as highly respected doctors, were both astounded and overjoyed at Charlie’s unexpected improvement. His brain had somehow managed to naturally clear the blockage or redirect the fluid that had been causing the buildup of brain fluid.

Nick expressed gratitude to the countless people who prayed for them, including friends, family, clients, colleagues, and even strangers. He believed that the power of prayer played a significant role in their situation.

Though a practical person who believes in science and medical technology, Nick was convinced that divine intervention was involved in Charlie’s recovery. He credited and thanked God for this miracle. Nick’s heartfelt appreciation extended to everyone who supported them with thoughts, prayers, messages, and an outpouring of love. He emphasized the power of prayer and the existence of miracles.

Nick’s story serves as a reminder to never lose hope, as life can sometimes offer unexpected happy endings.