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Parents bid farewell to their daughter with cancer—then she opens her eyes and whispers eight words


At just four years old, Abby Furco faced a challenge that many could not imagine. Diagnosed with leukemia, her parents were heartbroken to learn that she had only a 20% chance of survival. Despite this, Abby showed incredible courage.

For six years, Abby and her family shuttled between hospitals and their home in Virginia Beach, fighting against all odds. “We kept her surrounded by love,” said her mom, Patty, acknowledging the constant fear of losing her. In 2013, Abby completed her treatment, bringing a brief period of normalcy where she could enjoy school and friends.

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However, Abby’s battle was far from over. The cancer returned, bringing unimaginable pain and challenges. In 2015, she underwent a bone marrow transplant, but her body rejected it. By 2016, her kidneys failed, and doctors feared she had only 48 hours left.

In a twist of fate, as her family prepared for the worst, Abby miraculously began to recover. “I have so much living to do,” she whispered, defying all predictions. She regained strength, surprising everyone, including her doctors.

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Abby’s cancer went into remission when she turned 10, a moment her family cherished. But, after eleven months, the cancer returned. Despite another bone marrow transplant and brief improvements, her health declined due to complications. In 2021, after a valiant fight, Abby passed away at 15.

Abby’s impact was profound. Her family, inspired by her strength, honors her memory. Her mother, Patty, actively supports blood donation drives, acknowledging the importance of blood in Abby’s treatments. They also established Abby’s Legacy Foundation to continue her inspiring journey.

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In 2023, the second Abby Furco Memorial Color Fun Run was held, organized by Abby’s friends. The event, filled with joy and color, celebrated Abby’s vibrant spirit. As participants ran, it was believed Abby was watching over, her presence felt in a beautiful rainbow that appeared.

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Abby’s story is not just one of struggle, but of hope, resilience, and the power of love. Her family continues to share her legacy, and we too can keep her memory alive by sharing her story. Abby’s journey reminds us of the preciousness of life and the impact one brave soul can have.