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Scary—This photo has a strange thing in it that’s making people nervous


Family photographs are quite popular, with numerous parents keen to have formal snapshots of their loved ones. This involves gathering the family, engaging a seasoned photographer, and striking a pose for the shutterbug!

Generally, these sessions are filled with joy and cheer, evident from the bright smiles on everyone’s faces. However, one such family photo is causing a stir online due to a somewhat eerie element.


The unusual feature isn’t immediately noticeable and many web surfers might overlook it. If you’re struggling to spot it, here’s a tip: pay close attention to the left portion of the image. The seemingly innocuous detail has got netizens all riled up, causing a frenzy of curiosity and intrigue.

For those who’ve managed to spot the unusual element, you must be wondering how peculiar that is! And for those still searching, here’s a more specific clue: take a look at the younger child’s arm. Can you see an unaccounted hand resting there?


Various speculations have been swirling around this mysterious hand, as reported by RelayHero. One of the predominant theories suggests that the hand might belong to a ghost. Regardless of your stance on the existence of the spiritual realm, the unusual detail seems to be stirring an uncanny sense of the supernatural among viewers.

On the other hand, a more practical theory is also making rounds. Some viewers suggest that the extra hand could be the mother’s, with the older child in the middle possibly inserted into the photo using sophisticated photo editing software.


Take another glance and see what you think. No matter how you look at it, it’s undeniably eerie and strange. Everyone’s left wondering about the identity of this family and if they could shed some light on the mystery. Whose hand is that really?

Feel free to share this intriguing mystery with friends and family and get their perspectives. Who knows, maybe they can help solve this puzzle!