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Seven early signs of Diabetes most people ignore


Diabetes is a condition that often develops gradually due to lifestyle factors and genetic predisposition.

It’s not necessarily fatal, especially with early diagnosis and adherence to lifestyle modifications. Awareness of early warning signs is crucial, particularly for those with a family history of diabetes.

Seven early signs of Diabetes most people ignore

Here are seven signs to watch out for:

Persistent Fatigue

Feeling constantly tired, despite adequate rest, could indicate high or fluctuating blood sugar levels. This exhaustion might intensify after eating sugary or starchy foods.

Vision Problems

Diabetes can damage the small blood vessels in the eyes, leading to blurry vision. This symptom may fluctuate but can progress to permanent damage or blindness without proper blood sugar management.

Frequent Urination

Excess sugar in the blood can make the kidneys work harder, leading to increased urination, often disturbing sleep.

Seven early signs of Diabetes most people ignore

Excessive Thirst

Increased urination can lead to dehydration, causing unusual thirst, regardless of changes in weather, water intake, or physical activity.

Slow Healing Wounds

People with diabetes may experience slower healing of cuts and wounds, increasing the risk of complications like diabetic foot ulcers.

Tingling Sensations

High blood sugar can affect nerves, causing tingling or pain in extremities, a condition known as diabetic neuropathy.

Darkened Skin Patches

Acanthosis nigricans, characterized by dark, velvety skin patches in body folds, is common in diabetes.

If you experience several of these symptoms, especially with a family history of high blood sugar, consult a doctor. Early management can significantly improve outcomes.