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13-year-old boy becomes the first to be cured of the ‘deadliest’ childhood cancer in a medical breakthrough

In a groundbreaking medical achievement that has captivated the world, 13-year-old Lucas Jemeljanova from Belgium has defied the odds, becoming the first person to...

Mother abandons baby due to his head shape – four years later, someone knocks on the orphanage door

In the quaint town of Krematorsk, eastern Ukraine, a young boy named Dima Kalekin began his life journey under challenging circumstances. Born with hydrocephalus, commonly...

Jimmy Carter’s grandson shares news about the former president’s health a year after he started hospice care at 99

A year has passed since Jimmy Carter, the esteemed former U.S. President, chose hospice care over hospital treatments, marking a significant moment in his...

Oklahoma lady hosts a car raffle at her own funeral—attendance required to win

A year after an Oklahoma lady named Diane Sweeney passed away, her unusual last wish was fulfilled. At her funeral, someone she never knew...

UK authorities release an official statement on Sinéad O’Connor’s death—confirming the tragic rumors

The UK police shared very sad news about Sinéad O’Connor, a famous singer. She was found not alive in her house in London on...