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Babies ‘Should Share Mother’s Bed Until Age Three’ Because It’s Good For Their Hearts.

Babies should share their mother's bed until they are at least three years old, a pediatrician has advised. The controversial advice comes from a

Soldier Breaks Down In Tears In Airport As He Watches His Wife Give Birth

“I went to my normal Doctor appointment Thursday morning thinking I would be scheduled for an induction for a week out. Brooks and I

‘This Too Is Beautiful. This Too Is A Miracle.’ Birth Photographer Empowers C-Section Moms

These photos are from the first cesarean birth I was allowed to document. However, it was not my first time to attend a birth

Dad’s Riveting Ride Of Emotions During Child’s Birth Will Give You ALL THE FEELS!

“I’ve been a birth photographer for 20 years. Marit and Ander Pettersen are a very special couple for me.  I followed this couple on

‘Love Cannot Be Measured In Weeks’: Mom Who Lost Baby Opens Up About The

When women discover that I lost a baby during the 20th week of pregnancy, they will often open up to me about their own

Sweet Mother-In-Law Feels Blessed To Serve As Surrogate For Her Grandson.

29 year old Kayla Jones from Texarkana, Arkansas, couldn’t have been any happier for her mother-in-law, Patty Resecker, to be her surrogate to help

Mom’s ‘Double Rainbow’ Baby Honored In Stunning Photo As Her ‘Miracle’.

“Dear Lennon, We showed back up to the waiting room counting our losses. It was March. We were battered and bruised. Our dreams were still

Beautiful Baby-girl Born With A Head Full Of Hair White As Snow!

“When we found out we were pregnant again in July 2017, we were surprised, but had no idea just how surprised we were going

Couple Struggling With Infertility Finds Out They’re Pregnant With 4 Little Miracles!

“Kenny and I have been married for 5.5 years. We knew we always wanted a family but didn’t know when the right time to

Touching Moment Birth Mom Wipes Adoptive Mom’s Tears As She Holds Son For The

“The desire to adopt a child has always been part of our story. Even when we were just dating it was in our hearts.

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