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Parents’ heartbreaking decision—forced to take 13-year-old daughter off life support after tragic sleepover incident

Australia's Ally Langdon was visibly shaken during an interview with a couple who faced the excruciating decision of ending the life of their 13-year-old...

Dedicated mom determined to prove to daughter with rare birthmark that she is beautiful

Every person is wonderfully unique and unarguably beautiful, each in our distinct ways. As humans, our beauty lies in our differences, an aspect we're...

Photographer records family’s last moments hours before deadly crash claims all five members

Rhae Harris, a photographer from Ohio, was profoundly affected by a tragedy involving a family she photographed. Tragically, the family was killed in a...

Parents advised to let baby ‘go to heaven’ just 15 minutes before birth—then a miracle happened

Having children can be a life-altering choice, as it brings about significant changes in a person's life. The primary goal for any parent is...

60-year-old Demi Moore flaunts timeless beauty in photo with first grandchild—everyone is saying the same thing

People close to Bruce Willis are experiencing mixed emotions as they support the renowned actor during his fight with frontotemporal dementia, a condition that...