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Puppy Brother Comforts Ill Sister After Being Treated In Vets Clinic

A heartwarming video showing as a puppy brother comforts and being affectionate with his sick sister is melting hearts across the world after it

Strange Dog Keeps Coming To Nap At Her House Daily, Then She Finds This

A woman noticed this dog in her yard one day, but he wasn't a stray - in fact, he was  well-fed, in great shape

Family Realizes Their Mistake When Their “Pet Dog” Starts Walking Around On 2 Legs!

Recently, the story of a woman from China who had bought a cute little dog from a pet store only to realize it was

Heartbroken Dog Who Refused to Eat for 10 Days After Losing Her Guardian Says

“This photograph captures a special moment between a man, his wife and their best friend. She had recently lost her dear husband to a

Vet Celebrates Rescued Baby Squirrel’s Survival With Cute Newborn Photo-Shoot.

“I work as a veterinary technician and I have been rehabbing squirrels as a volunteer for over 10 years! Cardboard was brought into our

Kind Woman Falls in Love With Dog’s Photo, Flies to Korea to Save Him

Willow, a small senior poodle named was dropped off  at a dog meat farm in South Korea, just a two years ago. The poor

Rescue Dog Comforts Complete Stranger In Airport, It Can Sense ‘Those Who Are Hurting.’

“I rescued Cora last summer, July of 2017. She turned 8-years-old on November 1. I saw Cora’s photo on a Facebook shopping page listed

Boy And Rescue Cat With Same Rare Eye Condition, Cleft Lip Prove Differences Are

“Last week, a friend posted an image of the cat in our cleft moms group. This kitty was taken in by a rescue group

This Couple Spent $19,000 On A Kidney Transplant For Their 17-Year-Old Cat.

For a normal domestic cat, the average life expectancy is about 15 years, but for Stanley, a domestic cat from Baltimore, its pretty much

This Dog Dad Devised a Brilliant Way to Trim His Pup’s Nails!

If your dog is not particularly excited at the prospect of having his nails clipped at home or at the groomer, you will definitely

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