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Teacher’s heart breaks after seeing 8-year-old arrive at school with a frozen head


School is crucial for every child, as it provides them with education and opportunities to prepare for their future. Unfortunately, millions of children worldwide lack access to education or face harsh conditions while attending school.

A photo of a Chinese boy with a frozen head on his way to school has spread rapidly across the internet, stirring emotions in many.

The image serves as a powerful reminder of the challenging circumstances some children endure just to receive an education. Sharing this photo helps raise awareness and encourages reflection on the importance of providing better opportunities for all children.

Eight-year-old Wang Fuman resides in Xinjie province, China. After his mother left and his father moved to a big city for work, Wang has been living with his grandmother. His school is 3 miles away from home, requiring him to walk for hours every day to attend classes.

With winter setting in and temperatures dropping to -9 degrees Celsius, Wang’s daily journey to school has become even more challenging than before.

The principal at Wang Fuman’s school posted some photos on social media to highlight the difficult conditions many of his students endure. One particular photo of Wang Fuman has garnered significant attention.

The photo shows the young boy with his head completely frozen, his eyebrows covered in frost, and his cheeks red from the cold. According to Noticias Caracol, the principal explained that Wang decided to walk to school in the extreme weather because he had a test that day.

Wang Fuman’s determination to make it to school in time for the test, despite the freezing weather, is truly inspiring. His commitment to his education highlights his discipline and motivation. It is our hope that these photos can lead to him receiving some help, making it easier for him to get to school without facing such extreme conditions.

All children have the right to an education, and they should be able to commute to school under reasonable conditions. Please share this story to raise awareness and show your support for Wang Fuman and other children facing similar challenges.