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Bullied teen refuses to attend school prom until 120 bikers knock on her door


Prom is a special event for high school students, marking the end of school and the start of adulthood. Preparations for prom involve finding a date, picking out an outfit, buying flowers, and more.

However, 16-year-old Shannon Purcifer from Hampshire, England was unable to attend her prom due to bullies trying to ruin her dream. Fortunately, she received support from friends and strangers, which helped her overcome the situation and find a way to enjoy the event.

Shannon had been looking forward to her prom as a nice end to her high school years, despite having several diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and coeliac disease.

She had carefully chosen her white prom dress but ultimately decided not to attend the event due to being teased by her classmates about her illnesses. Shannon’s mother, Claire Carstens, shared the incident on Facebook:

“If Shannon had gone to prom tonight she would of worn this beautiful dress. Thanks to nasty vile bullies shannon decided she didn’t want to go and mix with scum that made her so miserable. For a girl that has had so much to deal with in life… coeliac disease, ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis, she is one strong young lady with an even stronger mind!! Love you girl”

“This isn’t all about bad mouthing the school but the school certainly needs to sort out bullying as soon as they are aware of it. This is about showing all those nasty bullies that they won’t win and also showing anyone that is being bullied, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Shannon’s mother’s social media post became popular and many people started a fund for Shannon to have a special prom where she could celebrate with her friends and acquaintances. The prom was held at St. Vincent College and was a huge success.

A local motorcycle club called Gosport Scooter Club showed up at Shannon’s house with 120 bikers to show their support and escort her to the party. Around 100 people, including friends and strangers, gathered at the prom and created a beautiful party with a buffet and a disco ball on the ceiling. The evening was unforgettable!

Bullying can harm anyone, and sadly, Shannon is not alone in facing it. Nonetheless, this story teaches us that good prevails and bullies can never triumph. Share on Facebook!