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Don’t Be So Quick to Judge


Don’t Be So Quick to Judge

I went with my girlfriend to a fast-food restaurant and it was packed full of people.

The only available seats were outside the restaurant.

So, my girlfriend and I both agreed that she would stay at the table while I went to order our food.

When our orders were ready, my food tray was extra full and I knew it would be difficult to carry.

For a moment I thought about making two trips to our table. But at last, I thought, “I can do this in one trip.”

So, I gently placed my hands on the food tray and made sure our drinks don’t spill. As I slowly made my walk to the restaurant door. I glanced at the door handle and saw that it said: “Push”.

Don't Be So Quick to Judge

Photo by Max Nayman on Unsplash

“Perfect,” I thought, “I can just use my back to push the door open.” Since my hands were full.

Suddenly a teenager runs from behind me and extends his arm out in front of me to totally block my path and runs to the door.

I was furious. How could this foolish teenager run past me and block my way when I was holding a tray full of food? He could have easily knocked my tray over.

Don't Be So Quick to Judge

Photo by Thomas Habr on Unsplash

Before I could even express my anger towards the boy, I realized that he was actually helping me.

He wanted to get to the restaurant door before me so he could keep it open for me.

I was ashamed for negatively judging the young boy. As I walked out holding my food tray, I genuinely thanked him with a big smile.

The young boy saw someone who could use some help and he rushed to help.

It is through small gestures like this that I realize there is hope in humanity.

This experience has taught me that we should not be so quick to judge people.

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