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Kind police officer steps up to hold baby so that struggling mom can land a job


The little kindness we show to random strangers can truly go a long way. One struggling mom has a cop to thank after the officer stepped up and held her baby as she was busy trying to land a job.

The mother, whose name was not revealed, had visited her local municipal court to get her fingerprints taken. This is something she had to do for a job.

As she tried to get her prints taken, Her upset baby was crying, making it difficult for her. Thanks to officer Michelle Johnson, who took notice of the struggling mom and decided to step in.

The caring officer held the child while the mother finished her errand. She also got some warm water to warm up a baby bottle for the hungry tot.

Although watching kids is not in the officer’s job description, she didn’t mind offering an extra set of hands to a mom in need.

Johnson served for twenty-five years as a deputy sheriff for a nearby county and retired. She is now spending her time at the Duluth Municipal Court as a bailiff.

It was a small gesture of compassion that has warmed the hearts of many. The Duluth Police Department shared a photo of the incident on their Facebook page, and it has since received a lot of traction.

“Our Police go above and beyond their duties! I love and appreciate all of them!” One of the comments read.

Another reader posted: “Love and appreciate our Policewomen and Policemen. Thank you for helping this lady with her baby. You are a fine thoughtful and caring policewoman. Thank you for your service also to help protect our communities!”

It is true that small acts of kindness can really go a long way. Thanks to the caring nature of Officer Johnson, She saw a mom in need and didn’t hesitate to step in and help.