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Mother-in-law sets rules for babysitting, leaving the young mom unsure of how to respond


In the heartwarming world of family life, a new mother’s journey often brings unexpected twists. Today’s tale centers on a young mother grappling with a delicate family matter that’s as surprising as it is challenging.

This young mom, embracing both motherhood and a career, found herself in a unique situation. She and her husband, happily married for a decade and proud parents of a 6-month-old baby, balanced their lives with her office job and his work from home.


Enter the doting grandmother – the mother-in-law. Recently retired, she stepped in as a loving helping hand. Not only did she bond wonderfully with her grandchild, but she also generously contributed to household chores like cooking and cleaning.

However, a curveball came flying in. The grandmother, out of the blue, requested payment for her time spent with her granddaughter. This left the young mother in a whirl of disbelief and confusion. The idea of compensating a family member for such intimate, familial care was foreign to her. She reminisced about her own grandmother who babysat without any expectation of payment, much like she herself did for her siblings in her younger days.


Adding to her dilemma, her husband sided with his mother, reasoning that her help was economically beneficial compared to hiring outside help.

Torn and unsure, the young mother sought advice. She couldn’t find any parallel in her friends’ experiences and felt lost. The advice she received? A simple yet powerful suggestion – to have an honest conversation with her mother-in-law. By sharing her feelings openly, they hoped to find a common ground, a solution that respected both perspectives.


This story leaves us pondering the intricate dynamics of family relationships and the value of caregiving. What’s your view on this? Is it fair for a grandmother to ask for payment in such a situation? Share your thoughts and join the conversation.