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Stevie Wonder’s unusual removal of his sunglasses during a speech goes viral

Stevie Wonder is a legendary singer and musician who has achieved worldwide fame for his soulful voice and musical talent. Despite becoming blind shortly...

Bobby Caldwell, who sang “What You Won’t Do for Love,” dies at the age of 71—rest in peace

Bobby Caldwell, a famous R&B singer and songwriter known for his 1978 hit "What You Won't Do for Love," has died at the age...

Richard Gere’s “Hero” dad dies few months after celebrating his 100th birthday in local restaurant—rest in peace

Richard Gere is grieving the passing of his dad, Homer, who left this world earlier in the month at 100 years old. It has been...

A young bus driver helps a mother and her children escape an aggressive ex-partner pursuing them

A young bus driver has been called a hero after helping a mother and her kids flee from an ex-partner who is ‘extremely violent.’ Kyle...

Teen uses his savings to buy classmate new sneakers after getting bullied for wearing dirty old shoes

While bullies may take pleasure in picking on and projecting their insecurities onto other children, there are also kids who are always willing to...