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High school football coach cancels practice and instructs players to shovel elderly neighbors’ driveways instead

In light of an impending winter storm that was forecasted to bring several inches of snow to western Pennsylvania, the high school football team...

Every single participant in this small cancer trial experienced remission— ‘There were a lot of happy tears’

At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, a study was conducted that yielded amazing results for rectal cancer patients. 18 individuals who...

Michael Bublé thanks Jesus Christ following his son’s cancer remission

Michael Bublé is a singer from Canada who is loved for his gentle voice and charming personality on stage. But for a while, he...

A 7-year-old boy swims for an hour to save his dad and sister who were stuck in the river

A seven-year-old boy was called a hero after swimming for an hour to save his father and little sister who were stuck in the...

Friends and neighbors harvest more than 500 acres of corn after beloved farmer dies

In life, we occasionally have the good fortune to meet people who become more like brothers to us. These are the people you can rely...