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Woman continues to care for her ex-husband following his severe brain injury


In an extraordinary story of love and sacrifice that stretches the conventional boundaries of family and commitment, Kris Armstrong and her husband, James, share a unique bond that includes not just each other and their children, but also Kris’s ex-husband, Brandon Smith.

This unconventional family story has caught the attention of many, including major outlets like PEOPLE Magazine and CBS Mornings.

The journey began when Kris and Brandon, high school sweethearts, married at the tender age of 21. Their dreams and aspirations were shattered when Brandon suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. This tragic turn of events left him in dire need of constant care, a responsibility Kris embraced without hesitation.

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Despite the irreversible changes in Brandon’s condition, Kris’s unwavering commitment to him remained intact. She made a heartrending decision to divorce Brandon, not out of a lack of love, but to become his legal guardian, ensuring she could provide the care he needed.

When Kris met James, she was upfront about her unique situation with Brandon. James’s acceptance and understanding of Kris’s relationship with Brandon speaks volumes about the depth of their connection. James not only embraced Kris but also extended his love and care to Brandon, truly embodying the vows of “in sickness and in health.”

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James and Kris, now married with children of their own, continue to provide for Brandon, who they affectionately refer to as “Uncle Brandon.” Their home is one filled with love and care, not just for each other but for Brandon as well. James, in a profound act of selflessness, has even stated that should a miraculous treatment for Brandon’s condition be found, he would step aside, prioritizing Brandon’s happiness and well-being over his own marital bond with Kris.

This story is not just about the challenges and responsibilities that come with caring for someone with a brain injury; it’s a reminder of the incredible capacity humans have for love, sacrifice, and resilience. Kris’s legal battles to maintain guardianship of Brandon, which include an annual court appearance to renew her status, further illustrate her dedication. She even includes a family photo in the paperwork, symbolizing their unity and collective love.

Credit: CBS Mornings

As reported by CBS Mornings and PEOPLE Magazine, this remarkable story transcends the traditional definitions of family and partnership, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who choose love and compassion in the face of life’s most daunting challenges.

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