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63-year-old lady aging backwards—“people think I’m still in my 20s”


Accepting that our looks change as we age is a natural part of life. As we get older, our bodies may change in ways we don’t always like. Though we might wish to stay young and vibrant forever, reality reminds us that life doesn’t work that way.

Over time, it’s natural for our eyesight and hearing to decline, our hair to gray, skin to wrinkle, and muscles to weaken. Essentially, we move past our youthful days. While this is a normal part of aging, it’s hard not to feel a twinge of envy for those who seem to age gracefully.

Gym Tan, a 63-year-old mother from California, has become a sensation on social media because of her remarkably youthful appearance.

TikTok – CaliforniaIsTooCasual

Gym Tan, passionate about fitness, frequently shares on TikTok, inspiring her audience with her dedication to maintaining her health. In a recent video, she mentioned feeling like she’s aging beautifully, even suggesting she looks younger now than she did a year ago. Unlike the popular belief promoted by cosmetic brands and some celebrities that surgeries or pricey creams are the keys to preserving youthful looks, Gym Tan advocates for a simpler, more natural approach.

Gym Tan believes that the true secret to beauty is having a positive mindset and not obsessing over one’s age. She often tells her followers, “Age is just a number.” Emphasizing her point, she advises people to concentrate on things that bring joy and enhance well-being, stating, “Focus on what makes you happy. Focus on what makes you feel good.”

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Gym Tan emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with loving friends and family who offer life lessons. This California mom’s combination of sage advice and youthful appearance has certainly resonated on social media. With an impressive following of over 245,000 on TikTok, Gym Tan’s energy is palpable. In a recent video where she’s seen joyfully running down a street, she expressed feeling in her life’s best shape, even claiming, “I’m running further and stronger than in my 20s.”

It’s crucial to emphasize that being comfortable in one’s own skin is most important. External attributes like height, weight, hair color, and body shape pale in comparison to one’s inner essence. Real confidence and self-love always originate from the inside.

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