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Newborn twins continue to cuddle closely—just as they did in the womb


The story of twin brothers sharing a deep connection from birth is truly heartwarming. These twins, even before they had just turned two months old, showed the world their unbreakable bond in a remarkable way.

A video that has captured the hearts of nearly 50 million viewers on YouTube reveals this special bond. In the footage, the newborn twins are seen receiving a bath. But it’s not just any bath.

They are experiencing a unique bathing technique created by Sonia Rochel, a maternity nurse and grandmother from Paris, France. This method is specifically designed for babies younger than two months and aims to recreate the feeling of being in the womb.

As they bathe, the twins instinctively cling to each other, wrapping their tiny arms and legs around one another. It’s as if they are still in the womb, seeking comfort and closeness in each other’s presence. This touching scene is a beautiful demonstration of the natural connection that exists between twin siblings.

This extraordinary video not only highlights the incredible bond shared by twins but also showcases the soothing power of Rochel’s bathing technique for infants. It’s a heartening reminder of the gentle and loving nature of human connections right from the earliest stages of life.

Watching these twins embrace each other so lovingly is a reminder of the pure and beautiful bond that siblings can share. Their story is indeed a beautiful one to share!