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Oldest Son’s Unexpected Reaction to News That Mom Is Having Twins


Every parent understands that announcing a pregnancy to older children is not always a blissful experience. This is because the situation can arouse joy and excitement or jealousy and anger. For most parents, capturing their older kids’ reaction to the news is a must, even if they are apprehensive of how the news will be received.

A couple found themselves in that situation where they needed to announce their pregnancy. They already had 3 boys, and they were going to announce that they were pregnant with twins!

They planned the moment when all 3 boys were calmly seated in the car. They set up the camera to capture the reaction of their boys to the news. The younger boys were closer to the parents and the oldest at the back.

Source: Youtube

They started the debriefing session with a series of photos. They explained what was in the photos; mommy’s belly with two babies. The oldest, from the back, freaks out way more than was expected. He repeats the words, “She is pregnant with twins?” as his face crunches up and contorts into a cry; an emotional, sentimental sob.

The younger sons had a different reaction; one was laughing hysterically, and the other was just calm. The oldest at the back, still in tears, asks what an ultrasound is. He sobs for a while, and it is not clear whether he is sobbing because he doesn’t know what an ultrasound is or because he knows there will be additions to the family.

The third son just chuckles at the situation. He is neither sobbing like the oldest nor laughing hysterically – he is just relaxed. Looking at all the boys and their various reactions was just hilarious, and the couple was glad they captured it all on video.

The parents shared the video with their friends online. However, the video went viral. The twins are now playful, happy kindergarten children.