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Research shows what men truly feel about women who wear makeup


About 5,000 years ago, both men and women in ancient Egypt used essential oils and other materials to care for their skin and enhance their appearance with makeup.

Today, the cosmetics industry has evolved from simple paints for accentuating eyes to include practices like cosmetic surgery aimed at boosting attractiveness.

Research shows what men truly feel about women who wear makeup

However, a recent study suggests that makeup might not help women attract a partner as much as they think. It appears that men, especially those seeking long-term relationships, prefer a natural look over makeup-enhanced faces.

Study Findings:

  • Men are likely to be less attracted to women who wear makeup when considering them for long-term relationships.
  • The study, titled “The cost of beauty: Perception of makeup and male mate choice,” found that features that appear artificial generally lower a woman’s chances in the dating game for men looking for serious commitments.
  • Interestingly, men can quickly differentiate between natural and makeup-enhanced faces — as fast as 50 milliseconds.


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Why Women Wear Makeup: A survey among American women reveals:

  • 49% wear makeup for confidence.
  • 45% for special occasions.
  • 34% to enhance features.
  • 30% to cover blemishes.
  • 26% for self-expression.
  • 25% to hide signs of aging.

Public Opinion: Online comments show diverse reasons and appreciations for makeup:

  • “We wear makeup for ourselves, not for others’ approval,” one woman stated.
  • Another commented, “Makeup is for me because it makes me happy, playing with colors and such.”
  • A man said, “I prefer minimal makeup on my partner so her natural beauty shines through.”

Others argue that makeup serves practical purposes like covering up health issues to appear more vibrant and less tired.

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