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Pat Sajak’s final ‘Wheel of Fortune’ episode has a scheduled airdate

After 43 years of bringing fun and excitement to living rooms across America, Pat Sajak, the beloved host of "Wheel of Fortune," is retiring....

I decided not to give my ex-wife money for food for her and our kids after learning about her real intentions

A father recently shared his story on Reddit, explaining a difficult situation with his ex-wife. They divorced when their children were young, and initially,...

My husband turned our wedding night into a catastrophe

On the night of our wedding, my husband Scott was eager to be close, but I was exhausted and asked for a delay. Scott,...

People criticize 76-year-old Susan Sarandon’s clothes—but she had a perfect comeback

Susan Sarandon is a legendary actress known not just for her powerful performances, but also for her fearless voice off-screen. While she's had a...

Miracle after 128-hour— two-month-old baby rescued people applaud with joy

Despite the sadness and tragedy in Turkey, there are some positive and hopeful moments. One such moment was when a 2-month-old baby was found...