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Rumer Willis shares details on birth plan for Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s first grandchild


Rumer Willis, daughter of famous actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, announced her pregnancy earlier this year. This baby will be her first child and Bruce Willis’ first grandchild. Sadly, around the same time, Bruce was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, leading to a gradual decline in his health.

Despite these challenging circumstances, the Willis family has a reason to celebrate: the upcoming birth of a new baby. Rumer Willis is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas. The announcement in December was met with excitement and happiness from family, friends, and fans alike.

Demi Moore recently expressed her excitement about becoming a grandmother. Meanwhile, her daughter Rumer has been keeping followers informed about her pregnancy journey and plans.


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In a recent interview, the mom-to-be shared her intentions for an unmedicated birth, inspired by her own mother’s experience. She mentioned that this approach has always been a part of her vision for childbirth. However, Rumer also acknowledged that individual preferences play a significant role in these decisions.

The actress is maintaining a pragmatic outlook, recognizing that her birth plan could change depending on circumstances. As she transitions to motherhood, Rumer has learned the importance of flexibility and surrender.

With a home birth in mind, Rumer is open to adjusting her plans if any risks or concerns arise. In such cases, she is prepared to adapt and make necessary changes to ensure a safe and positive birth experience.

In 2019 Demi Moore unveiled her memoir called Inside Out. Within its pages, the 60-year-old candidly shared her experience of giving birth to her children, explaining that she chose a natural birth to fully experience every sensation involved.


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Moore described her intention to have a completely different birth experience than her mother had, aiming to be fully aware and present throughout the process, regardless of the pain. She gave birth to her three daughters, Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout, at home without any medical pain relief. Additionally, Moore mentioned the challenge of finding a doctor who would support her birth plan and not recommend any medical intervention to alleviate her discomfort.

Rumer has been candid about her pregnancy experiences, recently sharing a video about a helpful product for preparing for childbirth. She emphasized the positive impact this tool has had on her preparation for a non-medicated birth, inviting followers to reach out with questions.


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Rumer’s upcoming delivery will not only mark a new chapter for her and boyfriend Derek as first-time parents, but also as the first grandchild for both Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The baby shower, attended by numerous celebrities, celebrated this significant milestone for the family. Notably, Bruce Willis was absent from the event, likely due to his recent frontotemporal dementia diagnosis.

Although the former action star has maintained a low profile since his diagnosis, the family shared pictures and videos from his birthday celebration last month, offering a rare glimpse into his current life.

The Moore-Willis family remains strong and positive despite the recent health concerns regarding Bruce Willis. We extend our best wishes to them all.