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New Study Shows Grandparents Who Babysit Grand-kids Live Longer

It is no secret most of us want to live as long as we possibly can. Most of us tailor our day to day
Parents Kill 7-Year-Old Son – Then Doctor Finds A Note In Boy’s Hand That Crushes My Heart

Parents Kill 7-Year-Old Son – Then Doctor Finds A Note In Boy’s Hand That

Child abuse is, sadly, still a nightmare, a big number of children across the world have to live through. In the U.S., between four

Terminally Ill Dad Gets His Final Wish To Take His Daughter Down The Aisle

In a heartbreaking moment, a dying father finally got his dying wish fulfilled, as he escorted his daughter down the aisle on her wedding

Baby Is Comforted By Daddy Doll That Looks And Sounds Like Military Dad.

In an adorable video that is melting hearts across the internet, Nathan who is a six months old baby boy from South Carolina, is

Parents Complain About Buying School Supplies – Now See The Teacher’s Response That Has

Leland Michael, is a math teacher at Lincoln High School in Des Moines, Iowa. Recently, while out shopping at Walmart, Michael passed through the

Parents Should NOT Give Their Children Mobile Phones Before Secondary School, Top Psychiatrist Warns

Dr Jon Goldin, the vice chairman of the Royal College of Psychologists has issued a warning to all parents saying they should be given

Couple Adopts “Unwanted” Child But the Girl’s First Word to Mom Leaves Everyone in

Lucy is a sweet young girl who suffers from down syndrome. Unfortunately, because of her condition, Lucy was unwanted right from birth and had

Dad Shaves His Head While Daughter Is In Surgery So When She Wakes Up

Most parents would do anything and everything to make sure their children are perfectly fine regardless of the situation they may be in. So

Boy Escorted Back To School By 70 Police Officers After Dad Killed In The

Dakota Pitts, a five year old boy from Indiana, was nervous to return to school after he’d lost his father, Terre Haute police officer

‘To All The Dads Out There Reading This… Take More Pictures!’

“Tonight my husband showed me a picture he took of Kane and I a few days ago without my knowledge. Kane is my shadow

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