Toddler has the cutest fit when she hears grandma say “Bad word”


Young children are always amazing and that is why we are always warned to check and see what we utter. When you are around them try not to be careless with what you say. Children will sometimes say words exactly how you said them.

Here is a story of a young girl who scolded her grandmother for having said a bad word.

Her given name is Josephine, but her family refers to her as “Josie the D.I.T,” or “Diva in Training.”

Josie’s father had been sharing the toddler’s videos doing funny things. there is a video that earns Josephine the title ‘Diva’ she is captured scolding her grandmother saying a bad word.

she is captured saying that she would report her grandmother when her parents return and that she was very upset. she explains how she would handle the grandmother and it becomes very serious.

No one could keep their laughter she repeated that the grandmother was telling her bad words. So amazing! Do you want to hear the bad word? Watch the video below and see what she meant..enjoy!

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