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Fans are outraged as a country radio station refuses to play Beyoncé’s country song


In a small town in Oklahoma, a local radio station, KYKC, found itself at the center of an international controversy. The issue? Refusing to play Beyoncé’s latest country single, “Texas Hold ‘Em”. This decision sparked a fierce debate about music, race, and the evolving nature of country music.

The saga began when a loyal listener, known as Justin or @jussatto on X (formerly Twitter), requested Beyoncé’s song on KYKC.


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The station’s blunt response – “We do not play Beyoncé as we are a country music station” – ignited a firestorm. Justin, a member of the devoted Beyoncé fan community, the “Beyhive,” shared the station’s reply online, triggering a wave of support for his cause.

The uproar reached fever pitch as fans from across the globe, from as far away as Botswana, rallied, flooding the station with emails demanding the song be played. Their argument? Beyoncé, a music icon, was being unfairly excluded from the country genre.

The backlash prompted a deeper conversation about the roots of country music and its ties to Black history. A historical perspective revealed that in the 1920s, the music industry, in an effort to categorize music, often erased the contributions of Black artists in what were then called “hillbilly records.”

Caught off guard by the intense reaction and admitting their unawareness of Beyoncé’s foray into country music, KYKC’s general manager, Roger Harris, announced a change of heart. The station, he said, would now play “Texas Hold ‘Em,” acknowledging the importance of evolving with the music industry and recognizing the significance of Beyoncé’s influence.

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