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Jennifer Garner helps Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez stay together, says source

There's been a lot of talk about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez having problems in their marriage. But, in a surprising twist, Ben’s ex-wife,...

Elton John expresses gratitude to fans for ’52 years of pure joy’ as he ends his touring career

Sir Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour has come to an end, leaving many of his fans feeling a mix of emotions. The...

My husband turned our wedding night into a catastrophe

On the night of our wedding, my husband Scott was eager to be close, but I was exhausted and asked for a delay. Scott,...

Pregnant woman takes a great photo—but see who appears on the right side

Expecting parents often enjoy photographing the mother's growing belly as a way to celebrate the anticipation and happiness of welcoming a new family member....

Only a few people can spot the double images in this postcard—you see them?

Optical illusions are fascinating images that can play tricks on our eyes. One such illusion, an old postcard, has captured the attention of millions...