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Young boy stops police officer and asks to pray with her—may he be blessed

Little children brought up by godly parents will amaze you because they always want to share the love of Christ with their peers and adults. The story we have today is about a young kid on his way to school who stops and prompts a police officer to join him in prayer. Dykes, who works... Read more

Photographer gives birth to twins— then takes amazing photos of her albino daughter

Every child born is a blessing from God because the process of delivery is entirely miraculous. Every new baby is beautiful in its own unique way. It makes no difference what color they are, what race or religion they follow, who their parents are, or what they may have done in their lives. The twins... Read more

How a school event volunteer mom saved a police sergeant during a life-threatening emergency

August 20, 2022, was a bad day for a Cleveland police officer. He was having fun at Carver Park Estates, which ended in a near-death situation. The sergeant was playing football when an angry bee stung him on his left and right wrists. They were playing football with his colleague, Brooklyn, when the incident occurred. The... Read more

A generous tip from a kind customer leaves the server in tears and she responds in the most touching way ever

Showing random acts of kindness is very good. For example, buying a 10-dollar item at 15 from a humble seller will help them well. Kind acts come to people when they most need them. My boss is always giving out tips when we are out for lunch. He reminds me that doing that can... Read more

School janitor becomes principal of elementary school where he once worked: ‘I am blessed’

When your timing is right, your clock runs very fast. We can call it God's speed. Patience pays; what fate has for you will always come to pass. Pray, because each day is a day destined for good things. Everyone needs promotion, better pay, greener pastures, and scholarships. God provides all these when He... Read more

Going to church does not make you a good person—Pope Francis Says

The Bible says that many will receive the call, but few will get the price. My opinion tells me that so many churchgoers are not all genuine. I am, but reasoning aloud. We believe God is looking at your heart because a good heart does good things. Pope Francis is with me in my school... Read more

Two-year-old girl dressed up as Queen Elizabeth received a letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace

The life of Queen Elizabeth II was one that people all over the world loved. People all over the world have been mourning Queen Elizabeth II. They are reflecting on her historic life since her death last week. I will share one adorable story from last year that reminds us of her impact on people... Read more

The longest-married couple in the United States celebrates 86 years of marriage

Stories about marriage differ from couple to couple. Good marriage stories tend to pull everyone into getting into one. The Bible also reminds us that he who finds a wife finds a good thing. People in perfect marriages, however, will always tell you that these good marriages have challenges, but they handle them maturely... Read more

Dad and twin sons cut enough firewood to fill 80 trucks and gave it all away to those in need

Dad and twin sons cut enough firewood to fill 80 trucks and gave it all away to those in need.
Service to humanity is service to God. When I was young, my brother Max told me that a hand that gives never lacks. He taught me that there are miracles in giving. His teaching about doing good toward the needy showed me that there are things in life that others need more than we... Read more

A firefighter saves baby’s life by performing CPR while rapidly descending the ladder

A firefighter saves baby's life by performing CPR while rapidly descending the ladder
There are heroes and heroines we don't speak about, yet their impact on our lives is important. We only remember them in times of tragedy and forget when tragedy is far away. In times of unspeakable tragedy, firefighters are often the unsung heroes. They are always the first people on the fire scene. They receive... Read more

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Garbage man surprises 100-year-old great grandma on her birthday with a heartwarming gesture

Garbage man surprises 100-year-old great grandma on her birthday with a heartwarming gesture

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