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Wisconsin girl who inspired worldwide card drive for her last birthday dies at age 5

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Delaney Krings, a 5-year-old from Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Delaney was diagnosed with terminal brain...

Everyone is surprised when a three-year-old boy leads his class in heartfelt prayer

It is well-known that young children tend to imitate the actions and behaviors they observe. This was evident in a viral video that featured...

High school football coach cancels practice and instructs players to shovel elderly neighbors’ driveways instead

In light of an impending winter storm that was forecasted to bring several inches of snow to western Pennsylvania, the high school football team...

A teacher teaches schoolgirls important life skills like changing tire and oil

Do you remember the home economics class? Those days appear to have passed. Finding an equal in schools today is a seemingly hard nut...

Teen makes teacher’s life living hell, so Dad decides to show up to school to teach the kid a lesson

Many teenagers today find themselves feeling awkward and uncomfortable when spending time with their parents, and it's no surprise why. From differences in interests and...